Dinner Specials January 21

Ready at 530

Chips & Black Bean Poblano Pineapple Salsa $3

Lentil Soup $4/Cup $6/Bowl

Cheeto Hot Buffalo Wings $10
celery, ranch or blue cheese

Veggie Burrito $9
orange sesame No Evil Foods faux-chicken, coconut basmati, butternut squash, roasted cabbage & brussels sprouts, sriracha, grilled flour tortilla

Fried Chicken Sandwich $10
country ham, roasted pistachio-coca-cola bbq sauce, bleu cheese aioli, lettuce,
tomato, red onion, buttermilk biscuit

Steak and Mushroom Philly $12
thin sliced top round, roasted cremini, caramelized onions, swiss, parmesan,
spinach, garlic mayo, gambino’s loaf

Buffalo Chicken Nachos $11
cheeto hot buffalo grilled chicken, black beans, grilled anahiem peppers,
red peppers and onions, lettuce, queso

Grilled Pork Loin $15
8oz loin, red beet & garlic grit cake, grilled asparagus, goat cheese,
toasted pumpkin seeds, cherry balsamic reduction

Hanger Steak $18
5oz steak, rice noodles, sauteed green beans with caramelized pineapple, radish, pickled ginger, mango puree, black sesame sweet n sour sauce, green onion

Flying Elvis $5
peanut butter, banana & The Hop salted caramel ice cream inside a
fried flour tortilla topped with whipped cream & cherry

The Hop-Salted Caramel Ice Cream $3

Yellow or Chocolate Cupcakes
buttercream icing $1/mini, $2/big

Sierra Nevada Otra Vez $3.50