July 20

Dinner Specials Ready at 5:30

Chips & Caramelized Banana Tomatillo Salsa $3

Potato Leek $4/Cup $6/Bowl
cheddar jack

Eastern NC Vinegar BBQ Wings $10
celery, ranch or blue cheese

Special Salad $9
arugula, blueberries, pear, goat cheese, caramelized onion,
toasted pumpkin seeds, basil vinaigrette, balsamic reduction

Burrito $10
pineapple bbq grilled chicken, refried black beans,
cilantro basmati, green chilies, lettuce, salsa,
grilled flour tortilla topped w/ queso & pickled jalapenos

Grilled Chicken Sandwich $11
avocado, black forest ham, lettuce, tomato,
onion, honey mustard, geraldine’s bun

Burger $12
6oz mays farm patty, bacon, bleu cheese crumbles,
arugula, tomato, caramelized onion,
coffee-raspberry bbq sauce, black pepper mayo, ciabatta

Eastern NC BBQ Pulled Pork Plate $13
ENC vinegar bbq sauce, lexington slaw, fries, hushpuppies, pickled okra

Grilled Salmon Filet $15
6oz filet, sesame coconut basmati, steamed broccoli, pickled cabbage,
curry roasted carrots & onions, scallions, 5 spice bbq glaze

Bistro Filet $17
5oz steak, fried brussels sprouts, grilled red bliss potatoes, caramelized onion,
roasted red pepper, garlic brie cream, balsamic reduction

Peanut Butter Banana Bread Chimichanga $5
house banana bread & peanut butter in a deep fried flour tortilla
topped with The Hop salted caramel ice cream, raspberry sauce & cinnamon

The Hop Salted Caramel Ice Cream $3

Chocolate or Yellow Cupcakes
$1 Mini/$2 Big
buttercream icing
Highland St Terese’s Pale Ale $4